African Earth Masks Gallery

Each papier-mâché mask is custom designed, we can change any mask to your colour and accessory preferences. They fit comfortably and being lightweight you will forget that you are wearing a mask. There might be slight differences compared to the gallery photo, therefore a sample photo of the completed mask will be sent for your approval before you make any payment.

While creating these masks we were inspired by Africa and the vibrant cultures living on our African continent. Earthy fragrances bring back memories of belonging, living uncomplicated and true.

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African Chief Mask Set

African Chief Mask Set – they can be ordered separately or any other mask can be combined in assembling a set; male mask R165, female mask with feather side R350.
Code:  EMe32611(e)
Price:  R515 per set

Tribal Dot Mask

Tribal Dot Mask – earthly colours blend into a shaded design with delicate dots creating a lovely flow across this mask.
Code:  E23662
Price:  R125

Sea Breeze Mask Set

Sea Breeze Mask Set – shades of blue, green and turquoise for a calming effect. Add sea shells and “fishing net” decor and you have a sea breeze touching your imagination. They can be ordered separately or any other mask can be combined in assembling a set; male mask (bottom) R250, female mask R250.
Code:  OD32528(e)
Price:  R500 per set

Queen Of Sheba Mask

Queen Of Sheba Mask – the copper brown ostrich feather and smooth base with delicate cream design add just enough style to this lovely earthy mask.
Code:  EMml23465(e)
Price:  R450

Guineafowl Elegance Mask

Guineafowl Elegance Mask – silver grey base with genuine guineafowl feathers and beads create a true African feel to this mask.
Code:  F11206(e)
Price:  R165

Silver Guineafowl Mask

Silver Guineafowl Mask – silver moves into charcoal as the light catches the mask. The guineafowl feathers flow across the mask ending in a combination ostrich and guineafowl feather fan.
Code:  Ems23913(e)
Price:  R250

Serengeti Princess Mask

Serengeti Princess Mask – this mask design has elegance present with a touch of innocence, you will wear it with pride.
Code:  EMm18555(e)
Price:  R350

Ndebele Mask

Ndebele Mask – taking inspiration from Ndebele bead designs, we created this stunning mask in blue.
Code:  Ems23641(e)
Price:  R250

Coffee Bean Mask

Coffee Bean Mask – the entire mask is covered in mouldings, resembling coffee beans.
Code:  EMm34121(e)
Price:  R350

Earthly Elegance Mask

Earthly Elegance Mask – artful zebra stripes and beads create the illusion of a zebra-bird.
Code:  EMm32111(e)
Price:  R350

Crowned Nymph Mask

Crowned Nymph Mask – the base is covered with embossed paper highlighted in shades of green and gold. Moulding detail with tiny metal flower detail add a special touch. The handmade roses and ostrich, peacock feather side add to a forest pond fantasy.
Code:  EMl34711(e)
Price:  R650

Forest Gold Mask

Forest Gold Mask – tiny sparkly diamantes cluster around, in-between leafy hand drawn detail.
Code:  EMe34386(e)
Price:  R550

Leopard Print Mask

Leopard Print Mask – half mask covered in 2D leopard print technique.
Code:  F18616(e)
Price:  R165

Mohawk Ostrich Feather Headpieces

Mohawk Ostrich Feather Headpieces – secure fit headpiece designed using ostrich feathers with lace or beads, whatever suits the design. Here » are more examples from Rasta to earthy colours. Perfect art piece to show off at AfrikaBurn. Challenge us, we can create a masterpiece inspired by your thoughts.
Code:  EMV23977(e)
Price:  R3500

African Animal Eyes Only Mask

African Animal Eyes Only Mask – African animal design covers the complete mask.
Code:  E318556(e)
Price:  R125

African Scaramouch Mask

African Scaramouch Mask – sunset earthy colours swirl around on this mask blending into a flame licking fire tips.
Code:  EMml32431
Price:  R450

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