Gathering Of The Beasts

Each papier-mâché mask is custom designed, we can change any mask to your colour and accessory preferences. They fit comfortably and being lightweight you will forget that you are wearing a party mask. There might be slight differences compared to the gallery photo, therefore a sample photo of the completed mask will be sent for your approval before you make any payment.

When the animals gather around, you are sure to be having some fun.

Please click or tap on the photos for enlargements.

Lion King Mask

Lion King Mask – with a long trailing ostrich feather main. Truly the king of the jungle.
Code:  GB24760
Price:  R 1200

Bronze Lion Mask

Bronze Lion Mask – the shorter ostrich feather main on this lion mask is like a funky hairstyle that you want to show off. Here we have 2 different colours (bronze and cream) on the same style lion mask base. There are slight differences on the base.
Code:  GB31823
Price:  R 850 each

Leo Mask

Leo Mask – young lion cub masks.
Code:  GB31812
Price:  R 650

Lion Headpiece

Lion Headpiece – people will be turning around when you are wearing this lion as a headpiece. Strikingly beautiful is the only way to describe it.
Code:  GB24681
Price:  R 850

Leopard Headpiece

Leopard Headpiece – wearing a leopard on your head would surely make you feel like the chief of the jungle.
Code:  GB24461
Price:  R 850

Leopard Mask

Leopard Mask – a leopard never changes its spots, but you can always change your mask.
Code:  GB24388
Price:  R 550

Panther Mask

Panther Mask – you will be as sleek as a panther in the night while wearing this mask.
Code:  GB31831
Price:  R 450

Caracal Mask

Caracal Mask – rooikat describes this extraordinary large cat much better, red cat not only implies that you are fiery but that your hair is red.
Code:  GB32960
Price:  R 350

Lady Lynx Mask

Lady Lynx Mask – elegant perfection, just right to match our rooikat.
Code:  GB32931
Price:  R 350

Wild Cat Party Mask

Wild Cat Mask – simple elegance shines through on this wild cat party mask.
Code:  GB32944
Price:  R 350

Ginger Tabby Cat Mask

Ginger Tabby Cat Mask – Puss In Boots might be the most well known cat, maybe Garfield would disagree.
Code:  GB24531
Price:  R 1200

Fox Mask

Fox Mask – funky fox in golden copper tones.
Code:  GB32983
Price:  R 250

Silver Moon Wolf Mask

Silver Moon Wolf Mask – the light reflects off the fur detail on the mask when you turn your head, that is when this wolf comes alive.
Code:  GB31766
Price:  R 950

Wild Wolf Mask

Wild Wolf Mask – the ostrich feathers create a realistic fur finish on the sand coloured mask.
Code:  GB24579
Price:  R 850

Wild Dog Mask

Wild Dog Mask – this life-like resemblance created with ostrich feathers would make you look twice.
Code:  GB24480
Price:  R 850

Bold Zebra Mask

Bold Zebra Mask – designed onto an eyes-only mask base.
Code:  GB24266
Price:  R 250

Rhino Mask

Rhino Mask – created in charcoal and a silver sheen.
Code:  GB32969
Price:  R 550

Giraffe Mask

Giraffe Mask – I just love the eyelashes on this giraffe mask.
Code:  GB31547
Price:  R 550

Kudu Mask

Kudu Mask – as you walk the kudu horns can be seen from far.
Code:  GB31540
Price:  R 650

Crocodile Mask

Crocodile Mask – snap snap goes the croc when he wants to eat.
Code:  GB31551
Price:  R 750

Blue Marlin Headpiece

Blue Marlin Headpiece – catching a marlin might not be as difficult with this headpiece.
Code:  GB23822
Price:  headpiece R 1850 and mask R850

King Penguin Mask

King Penguin Mask – these replicas of the King penguin were created with feathers and paper.
Code:  GB32899
Price:  R 550

Parrot Mask

Parrot Mask – taking inspiration from the colourful parrots around the world.
Code:  GB32877
Price:  R650

Eagle Mask

Eagle Mask – an artist’s impression of eagles.
Code:  GB32876
Price:  R 450 each

Eagle Owl Party Mask

Eagle Owl Mask – eagle owls are large owls with pointed ears, similar to this party mask.
Code:  GB35200
Price:  R 450

Barn Owl Mask

Barn Owl Mask – you will not be mistaken when naming this a barn owl, the white feathers around the eyes give it away.
Code:  GB35201
Price:  R 450

Wise Owl Mask

Wise Owl Mask – we associate wisdom with owls.
Code:  GB35202
Price:  R 450

Snake Mask

Snake Mask – created with paper art and metallic paint effects.
Code:  GB32763
Price:  R 550

Monkey Mask

Monkey Mask – look-alike mask.
Code:  GB24318
Price:  R 350

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