Cosplay Headpieces Gallery

Our exceptional headpieces will stand out in a crowd.

Our lightweight bases are made with papier-mâché or EVA foam, and with built-in elastic, allowing a comfortable fit. You will forget that you are wearing them.
A sample photo of the completed product will be sent for your approval before you make any payment.

Please click or tap on the photos for enlargements.

Maleficent Horn

Maleficent Horn – you will stand tall wearing one of our headpieces. They are sturdy but lightweight and comfortable to wear, allowing you to dance the night away. When you want to be the bell of the ball this is exactly what you need. Some of our creations have been seen at AfrikaBurn and the Trance festival in Abu Dhabi.

Medusa Headpiece

Medusa Headpiece – the tips of the feathers, highlighted in gold with “metal” art scrolls, distinguish this Medusa headpiece.
Code:  EMV23978
Price:  R 3200

Midsummer Dream Fawn Headpiece

Midsummer Dream Fawn Headpiece – the combination of summer flowers and fawn horns places you smack in the centre of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Code:  EMV23978
Price:  R 2500

Cleopatra Cobra Headpiece

Cleopatra Cobra Headpiece – an Egyptian inspired headpiece.
Code:  EMV23978
Price:  R 2500

Egyptian Cobra Headpiece

Egyptian Cobra Headpiece – the king cobra Egyptian inspired headpiece has a cobra head in the centre front.
Code:  EMV18545
Price:  R 2200

King Crown Headpiece

King Crown Headpiece – another papier-mâché base with built-in elastic to ensure a comfortable wear.
Code:  EMV23856
Price:  R 850

Ice Queen Crown

Ice Queen Crown – the genuine crystals and teardrop beads with metal clasps and chains create a stunning winter wonderland setting. More photos »
Code:  EMV35000
Price:  R 3500

Ice Princess Headpiece

Ice Princess Headpiece – the combination of beads and edging on this headpiece is fit for a princess. More photos »
Code:  EMV34999
Price:  R 1950

Rio Red Headpiece

Rio Red Headpiece – a head full of vibrant red feathers will put you smack in the middle of the Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro.
Code:  EMV19343
Price:  R 950

Lace Crown Headpiece

Lace Crown Headpiece – lace crown attached to an Alice band, slipping onto your forehead. Challenge us, we can create a masterpiece inspired by your thoughts.
Code:  EMV18546
Price:  R 750

Fire Crown Headpiece

Fire Crown Headpiece – fire licking into the air, deep red, silver and gold enhance this headpiece that fits onto your head with an elastic band.
Code:  EMV18634
Price:  R 450

Mohawk Ostrich Feather Headpieces

Mohawk Ostrich Feather Headpieces – secure fit headpiece designed using ostrich feathers with lace or beads, whatever suits the design. Here » are more examples from Rasta to earthy colours. Perfect art piece to show off at AfrikaBurn®. Challenge us, we can create a masterpiece inspired by your thoughts.
Code:  EMV23977(e)
Price:  R 3500

Dragon Breath Headpiece

Dragon Breath Headpiece – dragon scales and crystal eyes.
Code:  EMV32872
Price:  R 3500

Pearl Dragon Headpiece

Pearl Dragon Headpiece – pearl strings dangling down add to the spectacular dragon, joining the Venetian carnival.
Code:  EMV32961
Price:  R 4250

Phoenix Rising Headpiece

Phoenix Rising Headpiece – blood red feathers and beads combined together result in a breathtaking phoenix headpiece.
Code:  EMV32768
Price:  R 950

Toucan Headpiece

Toucan Headpiece – this look alike toucan headpiece has a comfortable fit and is kept in place with built-in elastic.
Code:  EMV12001
Price:  R 2200

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