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Anything goes! There is so much fun to have when you let your imagination loose. You can choose a known character or just create your own. This is where adults can play dress-up and have fun.

Each papier-mâché mask is custom designed, we can change any mask to your colour and accessory preferences. They fit comfortably and being lightweight you will forget that you are wearing a mask. There might be slight differences compared to the gallery photo, therefore a sample photo of the completed mask will be sent for your approval before you make any payment.

Please click or tap on the photos for enlargements.

Teen Superhero Mask

Teen Superhero Mask – full face mask designed to look like a famous fictional character.
Code:  EMC33101
Price:  R 550

Classic Superhero Mask

Classic Superhero Mask – mask designed with a fictional character as inspiration. Edging can be in black.
Code:  EMC33688
Price:  R 650

Swamp Mask Set

Swamp Mask Set – these 2 could have only have met in the swamps. They can be ordered separately or any other mask can be combined in assembling a set; male swamp man mask R 650, female cat mask R 650.
Code:  EMC33563
Price:  R 1300

Proud Magical Beast Mask

Proud Magical Beast Mask – designed as a fantasy fictional character look-alike.
Code:  EMC33678
Price:  R 450

Dr Peste Mask, Hat and Cravat Set

Dr Peste Mask, Hat and Cravat Set – a traditional plague mask, protecting the doctor against the plague. A full history accompanies this mask. Pieces can be bought separately; mask R 850, white lace cravat R 550, black brimmed hat R 250.
Code:  EMC33888
Price:  R 1650

Medieval Knight Mask

Medieval Knight Mask – this mask has an armour metal art finish with bits of leather and “dragon scales” giving it authenticity.
Code:  EMC33445
Price:  R 650

Ice Warrior Mask

Ice Warrior Mask – lace covered full face mask, the mouth piece is removable ensuring that you can enjoy the dinner and drinks. Hopefully there will be enough ice for everyone!
Code:  EMC33111
Price:  R 850

One Eyed Mask

One Eyed Mask – captain Cook with a difference, your one eye is covered. You will see the questions popping into the other party goers’ eyes, too scared to ask!
Code:  EMC33442
Price:  R 450

Golden Gargoyle Mask 1

Golden Gargoyle Mask – this embellished mask is fitting for a night’s carnival in Venice. Click here » for more.
Code:  EMC33767
Price:  R 4500

Granuaile Pirate Mask

Granuaile Pirate Mask – our inspiration was the first recorded female pirate, who went by the name Granuaile. With this mask on, you need to wear a sword.
Code:  EMC33522
Price:  R 4500

Pierrot Mask

Pierrot Mask – full face mask resembling Pierrot. This is an historical Commedia dell’arte mask and a short history piece is included.
Code:  EMC33201
Price:  R 450

Comedy/Tragedy Mask Set

Comedy/Tragedy Mask Set – this traditional theatre mask set originates in ancient Greek theatre.
Code:  EMC33150
Price:  R 1300 per set

Cheshire Cat Mask

Cheshire Cat Mask – taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire cat, we created this surprising, eye catching cat – hope you will have fun with this one.
Code:  EMC33699
Price:  R 650

Snowman Mask

Snowman Mask – inspired by Snowman from the movies, we were very pleased with the outcome.
Code:  EMC33000
Price:  R 650

Tragic Cyborg Mask

Tragic Cyborg Mask – inspired by a famous space villain.
Code:  EMC33011
Price:  R 850

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