Masculine Party Masks Gallery

Worthy of a man! Our masculine party mask range captures the robust qualities associated with traditional men, symbolising strength and honour. Mask sets are available in several galleries with a male and female mask matching, but any mask can be ordered separately.

Each papier-mâché mask is custom designed, we can change any mask to your colour and accessory preferences. They fit comfortably and being lightweight you will forget that you are wearing a party mask. There might be slight differences compared to the gallery photo, therefore a sample photo of the completed mask will be sent for your approval before you make any payment.

Please click or tap on the photos for enlargements.

Strength Of Armour Mask

Strength Of Armour Mask – metal art finish creates a heavy metal branded mask while the jester diamonds in shades of silver and black add a bit of fun.
Code:  E15932(m)
Price:  R 125

Jewelled Phantom Mask

Jewelled Phantom Mask – bejewelled phantom mask with a dazzling stone set under the eye. The mask is edged with matching cord. Here » is a selection of phantoms in different colours but similar styles.
Code:  EMS24684(m)
Price:  R 300

Phantom Of The Opera Mask

Phantom Of The Opera Mask – genuine phantom of the opera white or black mask. Forehead, nose and cheeks define the masculine features. Put it on and get ready for action.
Code:  EMS32862(m)
Price:  R 850

Modest Phantom Mask

Modest Phantom Mask – this simpler version of the Phantom mask has a clean cut feel.
Code:  PHT24565(m)
Price:  R 225

Gladiator Mask

Gladiator Mask – Roman mouldings and metal art finish create the illusion of putting on a gladiator helmet. Luckily the mouth area is open allowing you to enjoy the party.
Code:  EMe31438(m)
Price:  R 550

Grito Mask

Grito Mask – phantom party mask with a twist.
Code:  PHT31931(m)
Price:  R 225

Regalo Jester Mask

Regalo Jester Mask – the black base with either silver or gold highlight supports the hand drawn joker diamonds and blacksmith design. A simple but elegant male mask.
Code:  R04015(m)
Price:  R 65

Regalo Mask

Regalo Mask – the black base with either silver or gold highlight supports the hand drawn joker diamonds and blacksmith design. A simple but elegant male mask.
Code:  R04016(m)
Price:  R 65

Modest Regalo Mask

Modest Regalo Mask – plain black / silver / gold or white male mask, there is no other decoration on this party mask.
Code:  R16482(m)
Price:  R 65

Cheeky Mask

Cheeky Mask – the Greek Crown Cheeky mask has such a visual impact, the first thing that pops into your mind is lazy Greek gods lying around eating grapes!!! In the picture here » showing a large selection you can see different styles of cheeky masks, there are endless designs that we can create.
Code:  C00395(m)
Price:  R 95

Black Knight Mask

Black Knight Mask – full face mask that walked right out of an arena. The mouldings and artwork resulted in an antique and metal armour finished mask.
Code:  EMS32654(m)
Price:  R 3500

Ottoman Lieutenant Mask

Ottoman Lieutenant Mask – Ottoman Empire, the detailed moulded crown reminds of this era.
Code:  EMe18645(m)
Price:  R 550

Jester Eyes Mask

Jester Eyes Mask – the large jester diamond pattern over the eyes in 2 contrasting colours has a stunning effect.
Code:  E31233(m)
Price:  R 125

Joking Joker Mask

Joking Joker Mask – jester diamond pattern covers the mask base, set in two tones. The picture shows a few different options and what the change in colour does. There are studs at each cross on the diamond pattern, but it can be left out if preferred.
Code:  F24729(m)
Price:  R 165

Casanova Mask

Casanova Mask – the plain design on this mask allows the wearer to shine through with his charisma taking centre stage.
Code:  EMs24766(m)
Price:  R 250

Iron Jester Mask

Iron Jester Mask – the rugged half-mask is in stark contrast to the clean cut diamond shapes on the opposite side.
Code:  EMs24783(m)
Price:  R 250

Stallion Mask

Stallion Mask – shimmering silver with pearl gold has an ice prince fantasy feel, you can just imagine him galloping with his stallion across the plain.
Code:  EMml32538(m)
Price:  R 450

Burnished Copper Scaramouch Mask

Burnished Copper Scaramouch Mask – Scaramouch has the presence to pull of the burnished copper art effect perfectly. It looks even more impressive in black and silver.
Code:  EMS31848(m)
Price:  R 650

Dogue Mask

Dogue Mask – nostalgic Venice, where the Dogue symbolises power.
Code:  EMV36455(m)
Price:  R 850

Swaggering Prince Mask

Swaggering Prince Mask – Scaramouch loves to swagger in his finery, the silver metal detail enhances elegance befitting a prince.
Code:  EMA36577(m)
Price:  R 950

Snow King Mask

Snow King Mask – white and silver complement each other in this stunning masculine mask.
Code:  EMl36454(m)
Price:  R 650

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