Sultry Bordeaux Party Masks Gallery

Each papier-mâché party mask is custom designed, we can change any mask to your colour and accessory preferences. They fit comfortably and being lightweight you will forget that you are wearing a mask. There might be slight differences compared to the gallery photo, therefore a sample photo of the completed mask will be sent for your approval before you make any payment.

This is someone who is attractive, sensual and seductive. By wearing one of these party masks you would be sensing the passion we experienced creating them.

Please click or tap on the photos for enlargements.

Red Rose Lace Mask

Red Rose Lace Mask – black lace covered mask edged with lace trimming. On the side Gothic black and blood red roses are set into the ostrich feather bouquet. Here are 2 examples of what the change in colour looks like.
Code:  EMml31482(b)
Price:  R 450

Paris Nights Mask

Paris Nights Mask – see more » of the same style masks in different colour tones. Each colour changes the ambiance of the mask, dreaming of a romantic stroll along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
Code:  EMe31323(b)
Price:  R 550 each

Kitty And Jumping Jack Mask Set

Kitty And Jumping Jack Mask Set – rose gold kitty cat with black pearl beads whisper elegance when set into this matching mask set. You are set for a night of romance. They can be ordered separately or any other mask can be combined in assembling a set; male mask (top) R 450, female kitty mask R 850
Code:  OD32579(b)
Price:  R 1300 per set

Seductive Velvet Party Mask

Seductive Velvet Mask – this modest black velvet covered party mask puts you smack in the middle of a Zorro movie set.
Code:  F15938(b)
Price:  R 165

Black Shadow Mask

Black Shadow Mask – indulge in this spectacular black on black embroidered lace mask with black stones and ostrich feathers.
Code:  EMl36030(b)
Price:  R 650

Half a Bar Of Chocolate Mask Set

Half a Bar Of Chocolate Mask Set – the metal art finish on both these masks has such a powerful presence and the female lace cut out gives just enough femininity to enhance the set. They can be ordered separately or any other mask can be combined in assembling a set; male Scaramouch mask R 900, female lace mask R 650.
Code:  EMS14938(b)
Price:  R 1600 per set

Moulin Rouge Mask Set

Moulin Rouge Mask Set – sexy red ostrich feather dangling down the side with black lace which covers just enough for the male shimmering mask to shine through. They can be ordered separately or any other mask can be combined in assembling a set; male mask R 200, female mask R 350.
Code:  OD24569(b)
Price:  R 550 per set

Diamante Lace Mask

Diamante Lace Mask – the golden lace mask has genuine crystals as centre decor and tiny silver rings with genuine diamantes embedded into each ring. Under each eye there is a delicate diamante string to emphasise your eyes. We can replace the crystals and diamantes with beads and stones at R 650.
Code:  OP24673(b)
Price:  R 850

Elegant Seduction Mask

Elegant Seduction Mask – find yourself lost in Venice with only the soft ostrich feather moving in the mist. Delicate scrolls flow across the mask.
Code:  EMd31566(b)
Price:  R 850

50 Shades Mask

50 Shades Mask – delicate lacy mask with tiny beads and delicate stones.
Code:  EMm24711(b)
Price:  R 350

Burlesque Blue Mask

Burlesque Blue Mask – there is a playful secret hidden in the baroque mouldings which give a strong presence and are in contrast to the partially hidden joker diamonds.
Code:  EMml24445(b)
Price:  R 450

Juliette Mask

Juliette Mask – plain black half/half lace mask.
Code:  Ems24495(b)
Price:  R 250

Showgirl Mask 1

Showgirl Mask – showgirl long red ostrich feathers stand out for all to see. The black lace covering the base has a sex appeal without limits. Click here » for examples using different lace and metal flower details.
Code:  EMd32433(b)
Price:  R 850

Romeo’s Lover Mask

Romeo’s Lover Mask – black lace covers the complete mask, even the eyes. Leaving everyone guessing.
Code:  EMe31129(b)
Price:  R 550

Lady Mortello Mask 1

Lady Mortello Mask – on one side the mask extends over the top of your forehead, giving height and glamour. The rich colours and intricate design add a playful touch. More photos »
Code:  EMml35001(b)
Price:  R 450

Cat Of The Night Mask

Cat Of The Night Mask – velvet nights will have a new meaning when you wear this velvet covered cat mask. The delicate cord detail and diamante stone centre add the final touch.
Code:  EMF24038
Price:  R 550

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